What do previous SIIA awardees have to say ?

Being part of the SIIA programme has not only been a brilliant personal journey in terms of confidence building and refining my goals but it has brought immeasurable benefits to Cultured Mongrel as a growing dance company.  Having the support of the group has been key in facing set backs and sharing their journey has been a real privilege, resulting in a great network of peers who I have no doubt will continue to influence each other’s practice.

Emma Jayne Park (Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre)

It’s been very helpful to be part of a group who are all at the beginning of a new venture. We’ve been able to support each other, learn, and celebrate with each other, in that, and the Action Learning Sets have been key to establishing this.

Support from Noble Ox has been brilliant in helping us articulate who we are with confidence.

Alison Urie (Vox Liminis)

SIIA has helped me expand my network of contacts, build confidence in myself and my organisation, and has provided me with peer support which is invaluable.

Amreeta Kaur (Bridges out of Poverty)

I am excited and terrified by the prospect of what I must do in these next six months. And I am determined to do it. Thank god I have TMP, is all I can say!!

Arlette George (The Sheltered Bay)

The most important and helpful aspect of SIIA for me has been getting to know the other awardees and having a peer group of people dealing with similar challenges at this early stage of building a business. The Action Learning Set sessions have been great for group bonding, and sharing ideas and experiences

Claire Murray (Emotion Works)

Invaluable support has come out of the conversations and exploration of ideas with colleagues on the programme and fellow members of The Melting Pot. The importance of this type of peer support cannot be underestimated

David Drysdale (Fathers Network Scotland)

I would like to thank TMP team for their hard work and enthusiasm in developing the SIIA programme. It has been an amazing experience so far!

Fiona Lambert (REdesign)

It has been beneficial to be part of The Melting Pot community and SIIA. It has provided me with an invigorating and accessible network of other professionals who are experiencing similar challenges in developing social enterprises

Grant Williams (Himalayan Centre)

SIIA speeded up the process because I was accountable to the group for getting started. It was great to share my little achievements and be part of helping others along the way too

Karen Leigh Anderson (Invest4Good)

SIIA and TMP have been invaluable in providing me with the confidence and drive to move my vision forward and has given me the time to gain a better focus of what that vision is. It has also given me a way to progress in business tools and my areas of weakness

Lorna Wynn (Change2Wynn)