5K Your Way - Marc Malone

Whilst an employee at the London Borough of Camden, in 2008 Marc Malone developed the concept of 5k your way. 5k your way is an initiative that aims to increase physical activity levels of staff in the workplace via supported training sessions. As well as improving team morale and raising money for charity, 5k your way aims to reduce the statistic that over 60% of Scotland’s population does not meet Scottish Government guidelines for physical activity.

Ethical Transitions Unlimited - Pamela Candea

Ethical Transitions provides learning experiences and tools for individuals, community and commercial organisations to effect value-based change in order to protect the environment and promote social justice. Ethical Transitions will provide: facilitation training, promotion and delivery of value-based workshops and programmes, and support to individuals and organisations to use value-based change programmes using income generated from work with commercial organisations to support community organisations.

Little Blue Bike - Ellie Mills

Little Blue Bike is setting up a mobile cargo bike and practical skills team to deliver sustainable living directly onto the streets and into homes. Little Blue Bike will enable practical living through the design, source and commission of products, services and training. It will also tackle the barriers and inequalities to learning practical skills for life and work, and collaborate with other organisations and individuals offering complimentary services, materials, tools and skills.

Locavore CIC - Reuben Chesters

Locavore, meaning ‘eater of local food’, is a not-for-profit organisation all about sustainable local food. The organisation champions the belief that we need to “re-think” our relationship with food, from the way it is produced to the ways in which it cooked, eaten and disposed of. They work towards this by running a local food shop, community kitchen and hub in Shawlands, Glasgow, and by co-ordinating local community food growing projects.

MiEnterprise Lothian - Lorna Baird

MiEnterprise Lothian will establish a social enterprise that will support people disadvantaged by disability or long-term health issues to plan, set up, run and develop micro-businesses as a flexible route into employment. It will be a Community Interest Company established as a ‘mutual’ with members including those being supported as well as those supporting. Alongside this, the provision of self-employment support services and the provision of administration and back office support to MiEnterprisers will be made available by MiEnterprise Lothian.

Remade in Edinburgh - Sophie Unwin

Remade in Edinburgh is a community initiative for a reuse and repair centre in Edinburgh and a campaign for zero waste. Sophie aims to create a strong, resilient organisation which helps people learn practical skills in repairing and reusing. Remade currently runs drop-in sessions for laptop repair and textiles once a week and would like to open a centre in order to expand their activities to accommodate furniture repair. Remade has an ethos of working in partnership with other organisations to not reinvent the wheel but to add to the capacity of existing reuse organisations and publicise other repair activities.

The State - Lotte Walters & Emma Hamilton

The State is building a space, both physically and metaphorically that will deliver community capacity building, using Hip Hop as a medium. The space will enable the community to participate in the professional Hip Hop scene. Participation in and with the space will ensure more young people in Edinburgh reach positive destinations. The State will provide mentoring and positive role models for young participants and ultimately impact on their interests in the arts.

The Tinderbox Project - Jack Nissan

The Tinderbox Project’s vision is an artistic and cultural landscape in which young people have a place and a voice. They wish to create inspiring and accessible opportunities in music and the arts for young people, and to integrate young people into the various arts projects and events that contribute so much to our cultural wellbeing and identity. All of this is achieved through the provision of extra-curricular, educational and recreational activities for children and young people.

Third Age Computer Fun - Sylvia Sainbury

3rd Age Computer Fun provides complete beginners with basic skills and confidence to start using computers and the internet. Software applications, games and communications are all catered for through the provision of bespoke I.T clubs which offer a ‘digital community’ for older users.

Weaving Destinations - Deborah Fry & Javita Narang

Deborah and Javita wish to establish Weaving Destination as a global symbol for women’s empowerment, including indigenous vulnerable women, survivors of human trafficking and HIV, through the promotion of those women’s hand-woven finest Eri silk and cotton fabric and products internationally. Weaving Destination’s overall objective is the social, economic, community, and political development of each woman involved in the project.