2015-16 (Acceleration)

Ayrshire Community Media - Robert Jacobs

Developing a Media Hub in Irvine to promote the communities and people. Create economic growth, jobs, provide employability skills, work with UWS and AC to provide students with work experience and post grads a place to start a CI business.

Equal Scotland - Alexa Marion Anderson

A fully established, registered SCIO with a national remit of Equality and Diversity issues across Scotland. We research, identify and address gaps in the Equalities Landscape across all Protected Characteristics and aim to work with all stakeholders to champion and sustain essential and impactful programmes, striving to increase and enhance all opportunities towards a more Equal Scotland.

Remade in Edinburgh - Sophie Unwin

A reuse and repair centre, teaching practical repair skills, campaigning for goods to be built to last.

Street Fit Scotland - Michelle Reilly

A comprehensive Health, Fitness and Well-being programme that’s aims to reduce social isolation by raise aspirations through physical fitness to individuals and groups who are socially disadvantaged.

The Himalayan Centre for Arts and Culture - Grant Williams

Bringing together individuals and communities of all backgrounds. Celebrating diversity through artistic and cultural events, building community cohesion and promoting the valuing of people and the environment.

The Reward Foundation - Mary Sharpe/Darryl Mead

Internet pornography addiction or “electronic cocaine” is one of the main causes of depression and mental health distress today, especially among adolescents. For many it destroys their interests in real life love relationships. The Reward Foundation – Our Brain on Love and Sex is an evidence-based educational resource for adults and adolescents to make people aware of the risks and remedies around internet addictions

The Tinderbox Project - Harry Whalley/Jack Nissan/Luci Holland

A radical, youth led hub and visionary system of contemporary youth orchestras, productions, events and apprenticeship programs. It aims to ignite a spark in young people that fills them with confidence, imagination and a sense of possibility. It is a hub of young musicians, composers, artists and educators; a vibrant mix of orchestras, bands, artists, voices, colours and cultures.