2015-16 (Ideation/Incubation)


Cosmopolita Scotland - Jordi Albacete/Noelia Martinez

A social innovative project that aims to integrate the Spanish speaking community living in Scotland and the Scottish society by elaborating intercultural journalism.

Crossing Countries - Jean Louise Cathro

Crossing Countries is a social enterprise that provides a unique, individualised opportunity for disabled and non-disabled people to volunteer abroad together

Edinburgh Tool Library - Chris Hellawell

Sharing tools with our members and helping them live more sustainably. We minimise their carbon footprint by reducing the need for ownership of tools that aren’t regularly used.

Invisible (Edinburgh - Zakia Moulaoui

Invisible (Edinburgh) is a social enterprise set up in Edinburgh in 2015. It works with people who have been affected by homelessness and trains them to become walking tour guides. It also promotes alternative social minded tours of the city.

We don’t believe in labels or stereotypes and want to show that everyone has great potential. We focus on good quality training so that every guide is given the opportunity to walk you through THEIR Edinburgh. Our tours are local, friendly and show you the real side of the city!

Magenpie - Kate Walters/Aline Hill

Our work is based around an ethos which advocates a person-centred approach to helping groups explore and enjoy their local wild spaces. We offer facilitation and capacity-building through training, demonstration and on-going support.

Pop Up! Scotland - Anne Rushing/ Alan Page-Duffy

A creative company that is infinitely adaptable. We’re a group of passionate people whose idea is to get the arts out of traditional spaces and into unusual places. We make unique, temporary experiences in the form of pop up exhibitions, creative workshops, film festivals, and more.

Shed Therapy - Gavin Phillips/Clare Phillips

Provider of human-powered woodworking & wood-fired baking activities, whether for 3 minutes or 3 months. Kids in nursery, NHS patients at our weekly sessions and Joe and Jane Public doing green woodwork in the street have all easily lifted their fun-o-meters with Shed-Therapy.com

Square Peg - Indie Flynn

Square Peg is a small autism friendly organisation offering  animation, film and art workshops  for young people ages 5-25 with medium to high level functioning autism. Through creativity we give young people, not only a voice, but a way to learn social copying mechanism’s that they can carry with them throughout there adult life.

The Edinburgh Student Arts Festival - Briana Pegado

We are a platform for emerging artists and creatives to showcase their work to the public. We aim to increase public access to the arts while supporting our creatives with skills development and career development opportunities.Our ultimate aim is for every young person in Scotland to be able to access the creative sector in order to fulfil their potential.

Upcycled World - Caroline Malcolm/Rose Hall

Inspires and educates people to reuse and upcycle via workshops and courses held in various locations. The workshops are mobile (currently piloting these in Edinburgh and Portobello) and ideally I’d love for these to be accessible to all.


- Maddie Breeze

A motor garage in Edinburgh for teaching women vehicle maintenance and repair. The aim is to provide opportunities for women to train for careers in automotive engineering alongside courses empowering women from a variety of backgrounds to do their own routine vehicle repair.

- Selma Erwa

A social enterprise raising awareness about maternal mental health and the cost of undiagnosed, untreated maternal illnesses on women and their families.

Hoofbeat - Emma Fair Anderson

Equine assisted psychotherapy is an experiential model of therapy with horses as the core part of the team. This powerful model has been proven in affecting positive change for individuals and groups struggling to deal with many different issues, including: PTSD, trauma, stress and anxiety.

Legal Spark - Daniel Donaldson

An innovative legal practice which helps people by reinvesting profits for social change. We were formed in response to the crisis of legal aid in order to find new ways of helping individuals, businesses and organisations access affordable legal services.

Moondance - Valerie McGavin

Aims to facilitate the developing of a network of women only disco events, giving women of all ages the opportunity to dance in a safe, non-judgemental environment and at the same time to raise money for charity, of which a breast cancer charity would be the main, but not exclusive, beneficiary.

One Community - Bruce Smith

A development of between 20 and 40 new build timber frame three bedroom homes for low income families and junior rank service leavers that enables affordable home ownership within a community environment

Over Fifty and Nifty in Edinburgh - Kirsty Nicholls

A book packed full of ideas and suggestions by over 50s for over 50s, about how to get the most out of the city. It will be the go-to guide for visitors to Edinburgh, encouraging them to discover its fabulous venues and activities. It will also appeal to its inhabitants who are entering a new, exciting phase of their lives and want to refresh their view of the city, try new experiences and meet more people.